Consultations:  Doctors & Nurses
Referrals:  Public Hospital, Private Specialists, Radiology etc
ACC:  Injury Care
Certificates:  Sick Notes, WINZ, ACC etc
Child Health:  Immunisation & Well Child Checks
Medicals:  Driving, Insurance etc
Health Checks:  Smears, Diabetes, Prostate, Well Checks etc
Other Services:  Vaccinations, Mole removals, Wart treatment, Contraceptive implants & IUD’s
Other Providers Onsite:  Physiotherapy & Counselling

Test Results
Most results are available within five business days.  Our doctors will check your result and inform our nurses if you need to be seen again.  If so, you will be contacted by text, phone, email or letter. Please note that consult fees usually apply for follow-up visits.  If your results are normal we may not contact you, but please contact the nurse if you would like to know the result of your test.

Our nursing staff will contact you by text, phone or mail when you are due for a visit.  Please call if you have any queries.

Health Information